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reference sample, but let's see what codis tells us. (computer blips) the blood belongs to nathan madden. nathan madden. probably works for ivan, he's probably got a record. no, you know what, it's exactly the opposite. he was reported missing two days ago by his wife susan madden. so she must've provided a reference sample to the department just in case. wolfe: their address is a yacht in wayside marina. i'll call h. thanks, natalia. yeah. h, yeah, we got a lead on the blood pool. susan madden? i'm susan madden. miami-dade police, ma'am. can i see some id? we're here about the missing persons report you filed on your husband. did you find him? we think he may be in some danger, ma'am. delko: we found traces of his blood at the aegis fighting club. we wanted to know why he might be at the club. i don't know. a man came to see nathan a couple days ago. you recognize this man? no. i heard nathan say his name. weller. they were in an argument. get out of here, weller. it's gonna happen one way or the other. i will not let you do this. honey, what's going on? listen... i like that you're wil
for atlanta in the nfl from '68 to '72. first defensive oriented head coach for the raiders since john madden. >> dan: that goes way back, madden, of course, was offensive lineman in his playing days, he wasn't totally on the defense sid side but coached both sides of the ball early in his career. >> ian: this is extended scenario for the officials and look who is here. >> dan: the great coach, the hall of famer. really the standard for all analyst that we try to emulate. nobody did it better than john madden. we refer to him as the babe ruth of football analysts. >> ian: that's fair. is he waving to catch our attention? >> ian: i think there's a flight coming in. time out. ♪ [ piano ] you. we know you. we know that things don't always go like you plan. we know how hard you have to work... just to spend some time away from it. and that you don't get enough sleep. we know that sometimes you need to let loose. or take out some frustrations. we know your mind wanders. and there are people you love... unconditionally. because the best way to make a car is to know you... the people who use it. i
far beyond the fate of madden. deborah madden retired from her job in late 2009 and this is in the midst of an audit cocaine was missing from the lab. she admitted she took small amounts of cocaine. >> i think her actions brought discredit and cost san francisco a lot of money. she needs to be responsible to it it cost can fran millions of dollars. 500 cases were dismissed because of missing or tainted evidence. and police closed the unit and it's still closed today accord together public defender. >> the drug lab shut down. and the drug testing was being outsourced to other labs. >> and he says that is happening and adds... it's had an impact on san francisco drug enforcement. >> i think one good thing that came out of the scandal is that san francisco will begin looking how it pryor tiesed the investigation. >> and i'd say probably 0 or 30% fewer arrests from what is called buy bust cases making buys on the streets. >> he says now, police are looking at treatments instead of jail time for drug possession and there are arrests and prosecutions has fallen. and th
drugs on the job. deborah madden used to work as a lab tech for the san francisco police department back in 2009. madden is now facing federal charges of stealing cocaine from the facility, and now could face up to four years in prison if convicted. the alleged drug theft led to the closure of the crime lab and the dismissal of hundreds of cases by prosecutors. the charges against madden carry a maximum sentence of four queers in prison. >>> researchers have identified four genetically distinct types of prostate cancer. this new information is giving hope that millions of women will not have to face radical treatment if it's unnecessary. let's bring in nbc bay area's marianne favro. marianne, this gives women and their doctors a better approach. >> reporter: and many more options. doctors are already using medical information to help personalize treatment for patients. but this new study opens the door to even more specialized treatments, perhaps sparing some women from the side everythings of unnecessary surgery or drugs. debbie hasn't had a mammogram in years, but now she doesn't want
the judges with his performance. >> sometimes i have to embrace the maddens. today i am. i'm going to -- maddens. today i am going to say -- maddens. today i'm going to say yes. >> reporter: some of the contestants struggled to feel comfortable on stage. >> my biggest issue is i have a tendency to be shy. so what i want to work on is not holding back and giving it everything i've got. >> reporter: and for the lucky few who earned the judges' approval moving on to the boot camp rounds will bring a whole new set of challenges. >> i can go into it as pure and innocent as possible so that i'm not somebody that's studied the shown, seen how this all goes down and identify got it down to a science -- i've got it down to a science because i want to win off me. >> i'm pretty confident, but you never know what to expect. >> i'm getting the nerves out and making the positive energy flow out to the audience and being cool like that. >> reporter: in hollywood a housley, fox news. >> one x-factor's contestant audition was so bad it went viral. take a look. >> a lot of people work really, rea
cocaine confiscated as evidence is now getting under way in san francisco this week. deborah madden case rocked the department when it came to light in 2009. as mark explains that case force add lot of changes. >>reporter: 62-year-old deborah madden retired from her job as crime lab technician in late 2009. in the midst of an audit that showed cocaine was missing from the lab. madden later admitted to police investigators that she took small amounts of cocaine. good idea of the trouble that has caused? ask san francisco police chief greg sur. >> her actions brought a lot of discredit and caused san francisco a lot of money and she needs to be responsible to it. >>reporter: the scandal cost san francisco millions of dollars. as many as 500 criminal cases were dismissed. missing or tainted evidence. police closed the lab drug testing unit in march of would 2010 and still closed today according to public defender. >> the drug lab essentially shut down and all of the drug testing was being out sourceed to other labs. >>reporter: he says that is still happening. and he adds also had
francisco police chief at the time shutdown the drug lab after investigators said madden campered with evidence. the district attorney's office dropped 500 cases they believed may have been compromised. >>> san francisco police just about to hold a town hall meeting in response to thursday's shooting where undercover officer shot a 20 2-year-old man they say pointed a gun at them. an angry mob spray painted killers on the front doors of the police station. more than a dozen riot police officers stood outside the station late into the night. friday night more than 50 protesters returned down 18th street several businesses were vandalized. people pushed over tables, fired saint balls and smashed windows. the investigation into -- fired paintballs and smashed windows. the investigation into the shooting is underway they say a tech 9 pistol recovered was fully loaded. the shooting victim is expected to recover. the meeting is 11:30 a.m. cornerstone church 17th street in the mission district. >>> former governor arnold schwarzenegger's new memoir reveals where he was when his wife fron
of a former san francisco police crime lab technician accused of stealing cocaine. 61-year-old deborah madden faces a maximum sentence of four years in prison if convicted. prosecutors say she stole cocaine from the lab's drug analysis unit. that led to the closure of the facility and prosecutor's dismissal of criminal cases. >>> hayward police are investigating a fatal police shooting overnight. it happened on tennyson road near mission boulevard not far from the south hayward b.a.r.t. station. ktvu has been covering the story since 4:0 this morning -- 4:30 this morning. allie? >> reporter: well, part of the intersection is still closed off to traffic. police officers are still gathering evidence for this officer involved shooting investigation. about an hour ago, the coroner removed the body of the man shot and killed. the shooting happened at 1:00 this morning. hayward police say they received a call about shots fired at the birthdy bird lounge on mission boulevard and hayward. the shots rang out after an altercation happened inside the bar. one person was struck by a bullet taken to the h
that debra madden stole cocaine from the lab's drug analysis back in 2009. she faces a federal charge of obtaining cocaine by means of fraud or deception. the led to the closure of police crime lab and the dismissal of hundreds of criminal cases. its convictions could face up to four years in prison. >>> happening now, san francisco's police chief is meting with community members to discuss last week's police shooting in the mission district. it's the second of two scheduled for today. this morning residents shared their frustration. they're not upset about last tuesday's shooting as much as they are dismayed with the protests and vandalism that followed. >> thinks that policemen and absolutely no arrests, this is unbelievable. how do you think the rest of us feel who live in the neighborhood. >> thursday's shooting happened after officers say they arrested a suspected gang member who pulled an assault pistol. the suspect is in the hospital in fair can't. >>> it happened about 1:00 a.m. near the bart station. officers say they were searching for a man following an early shooting at ne
in san francisco. he was accused of skimming in twine. if convicted, madden could be sentenced up to four years in prison. the allegations, you may remember, led to a huge shabke-p and a closure of the crime lab and it closed hundreds of cases that depended on evidence from the crime lab. >>> police called the violence that have rocked the district this week. there was a town hall meeting today to address the violence which was sparked by an officer-involved shooting thursday. a police officer shot and injured a man who allegedly aimed a gun at that officer. violent demonstrations followed. several police officers were hurt and several buildings vandaliz vandalized. >> our officers didn't sign up to take bottles and hammers from people while they're trying to keep the peace, especially by cowards that would mask themselves up and say if we unmask them, somehow we're depriving them of free speech. >> madden said he will continue to make arrests where needed. >>> heyward-bay is expected to make a full recovery. heyward-bay suffered a concussion and neck strain after this vicious helmet to h
-style. >> it is very maddening that cops shot at him that many times. after five, it should have stopped. >> officers believed that the suspect was carrying a gun. it was but it turns out it was a telegram. the police department says there's no way an officer or officers in the he the left can tell the real thing from a fake that. i can tell you that the officers have been the case on administrative leave while they conduct the investigation. since the district attorney's office has been called and. demand and a hospital was a passenger but he should survive >>james: here is a quick look at the dumbarton bridge. there are on target to reopen a 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. this is video from over the weekend. celebration of its model had counterparty risks six of her face on >> democrats are gearing up for their convention. officially starts on tuesday but the president spent the weekend reviewing his message. >>president obama: on thursday i will be offering what i believe is a better path for >> today the president will be in ohio and then he will tour the devastation left behind by hurricane isaac. >>ma
, it was exit tuition style. >> it was very maddening that they shot at him. it was--execution-style >>reporter: yes he was pointing a gun at the officers but it turns out that it was a pellet gun. there's no way that they could tell at the moment if it was real or fake. both officers have been placed on administrative leave. the d.a. is going to see on if this was justified. the community is out reached. including a reverend holding a rally later. the law so far, so could on the bridge opening tomorrow. work. both directions of the bridge, which runs 1.6 miles mateo counties, will be closed from 10 p.m. friday to 5 a.m. tuesday to bring the bridge up to seismic code this began to use the holiday week and transit with longer-than-usual traffic delays near interstate highway 880 and u.s. highway 101 c use state highway 237, and construction crews will be replacing the seismic joints on the eastern side with a new joint that will raise the deck five inches and allow it to move 42 inches - 22 inches more than the old of a seismic event, the more we are very much on schedule. >>reporter: what about
. >> but there is a depression that is owning to the loss of a child, which is maddening thing. that's not really what you're talking about. you're talking about essentially recreational with some requirement by reason of circumstances, and that could be from the outside or the inside. >> well, some of the cases, some of the people i was talking to, they may use that kind of lingo and adopt a cool and casual attitude, but a lot of these people if you really question them, they are severely depressed. they have had a lifetime of depression, and these medicines have altered the course of their lives. even if they are being light about it, the fact is they have healed major problems with. this. >> that's a great point. there's a very good thing in this article, which is that these medications really have become far less stigmatized because most everybody in america knows somebody in their family or among their friends who has taken one or another of these medications and their lives are substantially better. >> selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors. ssri. what does that mean? >> what that means that these
is facing down prosecutors. deborah madden's on trial for skimming cocaine from the city police department back in 2009. jury selection began today in a federal trial. if convicted, she could face up to four years in prison. the allegations led to the closure of the crime lab and for prosecutors to dismiss hundreds of cases that depended on evidence from that facility. >>> the fox con factory has reopened. a riot broke out yesterday and continued today. 40 people were injured. but workers did walk through the gates at the start of tuesday's work day in china. the factory is still surrounded by police. in some gates are flat on the ground and windows are smashed. >>> a big announcement from tesla tonight. the electric car company unveiled its solar charging station. it will make refueling electric vehicles about as fast as stopping for a bathroom break at a gas station. they're located in gilroy, folsom, barstow and harris ranch. the new stations will change the way people view electric cars. >> people have an idea if you have an electric car, you're sort of -- there's no freedom. you're st
after the league upheld the final play of monday's maddening game. officials said that seahawks receiver golden tate should have been called for pass interference, but since he wasn't and the ruling on the field was a simultaneous catch, the call could not be overturned. usually, soft-spoken quarterback aaron rodgers isn't buying it. >> when the players hit the ground in the end zone, the officials determined that both tate and jennings have possession of the ball. i call bull on that. the game is being tarnished by an nfl who obviously cares more about saving some money than having the integrity of the game diminished a little bit. >> some packers players say they have talked about going on strike or taking a knee on every play of the game until the referee issue is resolved. >>> fans around the country are also crying foul and literally letting their voices be heard. in the hours after the game, the league office received more than 70,000 voicemails from fans. that's thanks to wisconsin congressman john erpenbach, who tweeted out roger goodell's phone number. sweeney is also trying to
. 61-year-old deborah madden faces maximum sentence of four years in prison if convict. prosecutors say her theft of cocaine in the labs drug analyst unit led to the closure of facility and caused hundreds of criminal cases to be dismissed. city of san jose searching for a new police chief as department struggles to cope with increasing crime and cut backs. san jose mercury news reports that top priority should be ganging back a gang sussing were unit was that disbanded two years ago. some police officers say the department is stretched too thin to re-assign patrol officers to the unit. in the first sing months of the year the city has seen double digit spikes in burglaries, robberies, rapes and auto theft. >>> bizarre accident at san francisco airport has claimed the life of a work there are. happened around 5:30 yesterday morning and sfo spokesman tells us the worker with was driving a cafeteria vehicle on a service road when that driver crashed into a parked private jet. the crash sheered off the top of the vehicle and killed the driver. no word on why the driver crashed into that pl
americans coming back? >> i think that is one of the sort of the most maddening arguments, barack obama said he would bring everyone together. we know from thomas draper's book and other can see, that to not include paul ryan met literally on inauguration today to plan how to obstruct every single thing this president did. much mitch mcconnell saying their number one priority, their top priority was making barack obama a one-term president, and reps executed that strategy. one of the big lies, sort of the obama first term is he controlled congress for two years because of al franken's seat being contested, his own seat needing to be refilled. the democrats had a 60-vote for literally four months. other than that the republicans filibustered everything. it was a strategy on both sides to completely obstruct the president. so when you look at that situation, i'm not sure what the president could have done differently with an opposition that was determined to obstruct, determined to bring down his presidency, literally from the day he was inaugurated. >>> i wanted to talk about the stimulus, th
losing. how do you lose under these circumstances? it's maddening to conservatives. >> amy holmes, why are all these conservatives on your side of the spectrum trashing romney? >> well, if you were following the gop primaries, this apparently has been a long process for conservatives, but i also think you're seeing something very interesting here. conservatives, myself included, regard themselves as separate from the republican party. the republican party is a tool and instrument of policy and governance where conservatism is a feeling of ideology and a world view and is very frustrating that the republican party is fumbling it. i don't think you necessarily see the same sort of, you know, differentiation between the democratic party and its liberal elements. >> it is absolutely true, clarence page, that a lot of peopleare moved toward the movement, not the political party. >> howard, i feel the yogi bear line, deja vu all over again. when barry goldwater went down to a crushing defeet, you saw fingerpointing going every which y that we lost because we were too conservative. no, we los
to talk about it. >> candy, it's so interesting because the vagueries have been maddening because there's a lot i'd like to know about his taxes and his tax policies, quite frankly. but vagueries, they don't hammer you on something if you're too specific. >> exactly, they just put a big old target on your back. obviously the more someone knows about what you want to do, the more people will oppose that. there might not be copious amounts of people but there will always be people that make an amount of noise. it gets to a pretty important question here because i don't care how many specifics these candidates would give you that would satisfy you, christine, they can't do it by themselves. they don't make the budget. th can't pass tax reform without a congress that they can work with and vice versa. so, to me, you say here's the direction i want to go, and here's how i'm going to make this happen. the fact is, what we're stuck with here -- not stuck with -- three branches of government, it's worked so far, but the fact of the matter is they can't say what they're going to do because they
of stealing cocaine. 61-year-old debra madden faces the maximum sentence of four years in prison if convicted. she stole campaign from the lab's drug analysis unit. >>> the oakland housing authority taking preapplications for section eight housing. the list opened up at midnight, it will close down on friday. there are 8,000 spots open. applicants do have to apply online. the free applications for this are not first come first serve. a lottery will be used to determine who gets on that waiting list. >>> oakland raiders will hold a performance to -- he lay motionless on the field until he was able to raise his right hand finally and give the crowd a thumbs up. while he was being carted off the field. he is still in eden medical center with a reported neck injury. the raiders won the game 34-31. they have won their first win of the season. oakland trailed by ten in the fourth quarter when carson palmer found moore for the touchdown to bring the raiders within three. after hitting a game tying field goal earlier sebastian nailed the game winning 44-yard field goal. earning the first career win f
madden stole drugs in 2009. she retire that year following 29 years in the department. following the allegation the san francisco da closed down the lab and dismissed hundreds of criminal cases that were based on evidence from the lab. if convicted she could face four years in jail. >> the former governor is propote meting his new book and sharing new details about his affair with the housekeeper. he said that the day after he left office his wife had their couple counselor ask him if he had fathered a child with the housekeeper. he said he then confessed. the book total recall my unbelievablely true life story is scheduled to go on sale october 1st. >> data out today on sap test scores show that just 43% approximate of seniors prepared to do well in college. that's the same as last year but it represents an increase in the number of students taking the test and a larger number of minority student who may have a language barrier. they say it shows more needs to be done to provide more support for all students. >> the san francisco giants have been crowned the national league w
to stealing small amounts of cocaine. if debra madden is convicted she faces a federal charge that carries a possible prison term of four years. she is accused of stealing cocaine from the police crime lab back in 2009. >>> firefighters are slowly gaining ground on the fire near campo in san diego county. the flames have burned nearly 3,000 acres inquest troy -- and destroyed at least 20 homes. one elderly man died in the fire after he decided not to evacuate. >>> san franciscans will have a new ride to get around the city. san francisco mayor ed lee will announce an agreement with a scooter company. san francisco will be home to the first network of shared electric scooters. at first there will be 50 scooter. primarily in the south of market area. rides will cost $5 an hour or $10 round trip commutes. >>> let's check in with sal. see how folks are getting around this early hour. >> well, they are dave and pam. traffic is going to be busy this morning if you are driving. let's start off with highway 4. we will look at that and the traffic is moving along pretty well here in bay point. but
round toe patent leather with tweed, j. crew, tone on tone h&m, fantastic pump from steve madden, $129, a little bit of a splurge. but the nude shoe elongates the leg, love the metallic, updated and will go with everything. >> the chunkyer heel. >> we were just talking about the chunkier heal. >> move over stiletto. this is supposed to be more comfortable. >> very chunky. >> great from this, one of our favorites, clean, block heel from zara, $89. >> with a pair of tights really adds to a great look, absolutel >> here a couple more dressup, leopard pattern. >> these are by ann klein, $79. we like to say the leopard pump is a secret weapon in a woman's closet, jazzes up any closet. leopard print works as a neutral, goes with everything. embellished looks, men's suiting material, houndstooth. >> let's move here, finally t-straps back to the '20s, in style everywhere. >> seeing bold color, lots of pattern from j. crew to really sexy and actually very versatile black patent leather. these are $60. metallics. >> everywhere. >> huge red carpet, runway. >> sequinned shoe. >> sequinned and also
. thousands of passengers using american airlines over the past week have been experiencing some maddening delays. nbc's tom costello reports a union at odds with the carrier says don't blame them. >> reporter: the pilots who fly for american deny there is any organized effort to slow down the airline, but delays have skyrocketed in the past week, creating headaches for travelers. >> very frustrating. i'm getting married. and they're not making it pleasant for me. >> i'm more concerned about my trip saturday to rome. that's got me a little freaked out. >> reporter: the numbers are telling. last september 82% of americans flights were on time. this september, only 61% are on time. and even worse on-time numbers this week, from 45% on time sunday to 37% monday, 45 pds tuesday, 54 pds wednesday, and more delays yesterday. american has already canceled 300 flights and plans to cut more through october. going online to apologize to its customers. >> we understand how irritating and unfortunate this is in interrupting or delaying your travel plans. we appreciate their patience. and hope for thei
revenue from the nfl releasing its new version of madden every single season. it has sold millions of copies, one of the most, if not the most popular sports game ever for a video game. despite not winning a super bowl in 16 years, tonight you will see the most valuable team in the nfl, the dallas cowboys. they currently tops forbes' list with a valuation of $2 billion. the cleveland browns are gaining on them. i swear. i promise you. one of our fox sports' superstars, of course, fox, nfl on sundays. you have to join us for that. let's take a look at gold prices slipping in today's session for all you build bugs living and breathing at the moment. is this the beginning of a significant slide for the precious metal? sandra smith to let's go back to her because right now she has her eye trained on gold. today's trade. joining us from the cme. >> reporter: and the reason we look at it. hsbc came out with this big call while gold has been hot. they expected a 10% correction before it can go higher. we have been talking to traders on the floor saying it is still hovering right around $1
with hits new madden nfl 13 videogame. the it continues to set sales for fan engagement in the first seven days on the market. follows the announcement that nfl 13 set a new one day record on hd consoles as well. that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. david: we were just talking about gold. what about a world without cash? it sounds like a long shot but maybe not if mastercard has its way. liz: no more figuring in your wallet for change and dollars. joining us gary flood, mastercard worldwide global products and solutions president. you guys have this belief and feel of a cashless society at some point. all plastic, all the time. how are we going to get there? >> i think there is it a wonderful evolution taking place and it's all around efficiency making it easy for buyers and sellers to connect. one of the ways you do that by making things more electronic. talk to different economies around the world, talk to merchants, listen to consumers they want to do things easier. want a faster more efficient way to make purchases and collect fund. electron
. the head to liz claman in her third day in the valley. liz: what could be bigger than madden football, those are all names and titles of electronic arts. and chief operating officer who started years ago, look at you, you have gaming in your blood and the question is the shift to mobile and online gaming. there are some crosscurrents going on and we see lower sales of games and consuls. what are you doing to fight that war turnaround tied? >> things move to mobile pretty quickly but consul's we are eagerly awaiting news about the next generation so the demise of consuls is damage we're shifting away from social network but the boom in mobile, it is huge. the announcement from apple this week is a big boost as well. what do you know? you follow the company for a number of years. making sure whenever possible we have experience. liz: when you say mobile and talk about tablets and android, what happens to the box out there when you walk into a game stop for retailers and purchase the box, does that go away? do you have meetings at high levels when you talk about that? >> eventually but i
, 2008. what to begin after that, and absolutely maddening financial crisis and a total business slowdown. i'm not sure of being number one is the best thing out there. byu as is now seven not get either. gerri: countries that are ahead of the spirit of money to weigh in. switzerland, singapore, finland, sweden, the netherlands, and germany. come on. we have to do better than that. taught you think? >> better than a few of them. they're very interesting. with the cornucopia. you have such a land on one hand, very big tax savings that companies like to be in because of some of the benefits that they have, on the other hand sweden is a very non tax from the country. two countries kind of up there in the rankings that are not very good with regard to business and taxes. so they even get ahead of the u.s., and that is a little bit insulting. gerri: and suppressing. we have lots of problems in this country that we need to solve. competitiveness is heavily one of them. we have a report of want to ask you about from fedex. first earnings decline since 2009. you call it a canary in a coal mine. t
, saying that what's maddening for democrats is whenever they point out the racially charged nature of romney's assault, republicans piously cast themselves as victims, accusing democrats of playing the race card. defanging the welfare issue is obama's highest immediate priority. this task is complicated because voters tend to view obama as more liberal than he actually is which means many of them are prepared to believe there may be some truth in romney's false claims. what do you make of that? >> first of all, jonathan just went soft there. jonathan, there is nothing tenable about saying that president obama or secretary sebelius weakened the work requirement. in fact, they strengthened it by demanding a 20% increase. let's be absolutely crystal clear about that. there should be no misunderstanding. that's a bald-faced lie, number one. number two, the best person to debunk all this is bill clinton, the father of welfare reform. bill clinton should look in the camera wednesday night and i bet that he will, and say folks, that's an outright lie. that's an outright lie. this strength
the suspects' vehicle. >> it was very maddening that the cubs fired that many times. at the--police fired that many times. >>reporter:the driver got out and the officers reported seeing the butt of a handgun in his waistband, police said. the man -- partially obscured by the open door of his car -- reached for the the officers, police said. >> i have been in this neighborhood for 53 years it did seems lik like a senseless murder. not like a routine traffic stop . >>reporter:believing he was going to shoot, the officers fired their weapons at the crouched behind the car door. the man did not comply with officers' demands to show his hands, and instead reached into the vehicle toward the center console, police said. the officers opened fire a second time the 23-year-old man was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. the 21-year-old passenger was struck by a bullet or shrapnel in the buttocks and was taken to a hospital a subsequent search of the this man survived this crash. >> the impact left the front of this than a crumpled and twisted mass. what is left on this driver
obama was elected. kevin madden told buzz feed their strategy has not changed. quote, we will absolutely be focused on the economy as a top issue for the duration of the campaign. it is unclear which part of the campaign has to do with the president's faith and taking god off coins but talking about the economy as we traditionally understand it requires you to talk about your economic plan. >> so everything i want to do with regards to taxation, follow simple principles bring our rates down to encourage growth, keep revenue up limits deduct n deductions and exemptions and don't put any bigger burden on middle income people, i want to lower the burds on middle income peopler. >> where are the specifics of how you get to this math? isn't that an issue. >> the specifics are these, which is those principles i described are the heart of my policy. >> give me an example of a loophole you will close? >> i can tell you that people at the high end, high income taxpayers will have fewer deductions and exemptions. >> number cruncher congressman paul ryan was equally unable to list a single loop ho
of big ideals and maddening details. the learning curve for any president, steep. but for decades now, every serious presidential hopeful has had to claim at the very least a working knowledge and a strong position on israel, the palestinians, and the relations between the two. and so it is in 2012 as well. my colleague wolf blitzer looks at in-depth what those positions are. . >> one country in particular was singled out by both speeches. >> president obama has thrown allies like israel under the bus. >> our commitment to israel's security must not waiver. >> president obama came in determined to make middle east peace central to his policy. he took a harder line on israeli settlements in palestinian territories. >> in my conversations with prime minister netanyahu, i was very clear about the need to stop settlements, to make sure that we are stopping the building of outposts. >> that angered many israelis, especially prime minister benjamin netanyahu. and early trips to turkey and egypt with high profile addresses to the arab and muslim world without a stop in israel further exacerb
powerful in that campaign like kevin madden and ed gillespie are pretty smart. but they're now moving on to the president's turf. because there's a whole raft pulling out there, including in ohio that says who stands up for the middle class and who favors the rich? romney overwhelmingly is seen as favoring the rich, the president overwhelmingly is seen as the person who wants to stand up for the middle class. and the difficulty is, they had a theory of the case that collapsed. the theory of the case was, this was going to be simply a referendum. we were going to go out there, and the whole country was going to hear romney and he was going to say, if you feel kind of bad, give me a chance, let me take over. that's gone. this election is a choice, and he's now playing on the groundses the president has defined. who stands up for the middle class. >> well, michelle, you know, the romney campaign launched a series of ads this week saying that he was the candidate for the middle class. listen -- just listen to how he plans to bolster the middle class. listen to this. >> my plan is to help
he said. >> i know. i think that's just maddening. >> what he said also was that he hasn't released the actual returns. >> i got it, but if you average 20 in the lowest year ever was 13%, that's a far cry from the years when you paid no taxes and to level that -- >> to level that charge against someone -- >> he also said in that statement, joe that there had never been a year in which he paid no federal taxes. >> right, but the level of distrust between the parties or at least the pretended distrust is such that harry reid and other democrats are going say until you actually show me the returns -- >> and have they released theirs, jim? all right. harry reid? >> who knows? >> i think harry reid releases his disclosures and doesn't release his actual taxes. >> most of them don't. look what we have. look what we found. harry reid file tape. take a look at this. >> people running for president and file their tax returns, let everybody look at them and mitt romney can't do that because he's not paid taxes in the prior 12 years. the word's out that he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years.
to talk about it. >> the sayivagaries are so maddening. there's a lot i'd like to know about romney's taxes and his tax policies, quite frankly, but vagaries, you don't get pinned on something and opposition research doesn't hammer you on something if you're too specific. >> exactly. you just put a big target on your back. obviously the more somebody knows about what you want to do, there are many people that are going to oppose that and there might not be copious amounts of people but there are always going to be people that make a lot of noise. but more than that, it gets to a pretty important question here. i don't care how many specifics these candidates give you, they can't do it by themselves. they don't make the budget. they can't p they can't pass tax reform without a congress that they can work with, and vice versa. so to me, you say, okay, here's the direction i want to go, and here's how i'm going to make this happen because the fact is, what we're stuck with here -- not stuck with, three branches of government, it's worked so far. but the fact of the matter is, they can'
>> they are advertising madden nfl is online here you can see the ad vote absentee but that's not all people who play football game or battleship and probably a little younger than thoughs who watch traditional news programs on television. what's striking is that the obama campaign in this instance is going out and trying to meet people where they live or play rather than relying, say say on television ads. >> it's not quite all young because president obama loves to play scrabble. we know that. >> woodruff: what about the romney camp? what are they doing? >> they're doing a little bit more traditional. they're reaching out on facebook and twitter and on their mobile app they're geotargeting people meaning when you say you live in the district of columbia or you live in florida ther able to target the early voting to your city. >> the romney campaign working with google. what they do is you buy up popular search terms so that you have a way of serving up your ads to people who might be interested in politics. >> brown: so there's a way for all kinds of voters to interact if you live in a state where
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